Emma DoglianiSoprano


Over the last twenty years, I have been teaching singing and piano in Hackney. I work with adults and children with many different reasons for wanting to sing or play.


Singing pupils range from experienced singers to complete beginners, including several who had always thought (or been told) that they were tone deaf or couldn’t sing. Other students have contacted me with problems such as loss of voice. or vocal strain, or with asthma, hoping to improve their breathing through singing. My younger pupils range from being confident performers to children who have not yet developed a reliable sense of pitch and all seem to gain much in confidence, whatever their starting point. With some pupils it has been useful to combine the singing work with basic general musicianship (both theory and simple keyboard skills) but all lessons vary according to particular interests or needs.


On the piano I teach classical piano often based around the ABRSM exam syllabus although as with my singing students, some prefer just to work on particular pieces they enjoy and improve their technique and general musicianship.  



I charge £45 per hour or £25 for 30 mins.
I teach weekday daytimes plus Monday-Thursday in to the early evening. Also sometimes Saturday mornings.
Anyone interested should book a taster session although I am getting quite booked up so you might have to wait a little. Some people come every week, some monthly, others just once in a while



"Emma has taught two of my children the piano over the last 5 years.  While she has seen them safely through a number of grades though with Emma it is certainly not all about exams.  She understands her pupils brilliantly and concentrates on nurturing their musicality beyond the piano.  Combining singing with her piano teaching, she instills in her pupils an enthusiasm for music generally.  I can't recommend her highly enough."

Hannah Swain


"Emma is not only a unique and inspiring singing teacher, she is fantastically enabling and encouraging: one comes out of a lesson totally cheered, and singing. She also really helps you through exams, if that is the road you are pursuing, or intuitively finds repertoire that is exactly right for each individual.  Always generous, always good-humoured, always professional too:  a teacher to treasure – with such a beautiful voice!"

Judith Nesbit

(who has gained distinction in singing grades up to grade VII and is currently studying for Grade VIII ABRSM)


"When I retired, I decided to learn to play the piano from scratch. I'd never learned to play an instrument or read music before. Three years on I make slow but steady progress and really enjoy the learning process, particularly my fortnightly lesson with Emma. Unphased by my refusal to contemplate exams (on the basis that I would probably be dead before I got to Grade 8!) Emma has kept me going forward. I really look forward to my lessons, although Emma keep's my nose to the grindstone (or should that be keyboard!) She is an excellent teacher."

Richard Miller


"Ellen really looks forward to her piano lessons, and makes a lot of progress while having fun.  She has great results in grades IV and V working with Emma and  is currently preparing for Grade V theory and grade VI piano with her."

Jackie Craissati