Emma DoglianiSoprano

Like everyone else, I am currently in lockdown!  I am working on a few Oratorios Easter Oratorio Bach, Carmina Burana Orff for Christmas and the Bach hopefully sometime next year.  Also I have a Messiah Jan 2021 and Vivaldi Gloria late Summer although the Vivaldi is looking unlikely.


I am able to teach most of my students online and using other time to plan my current ELMO project Music in the Ville a project bringing more music into a London prison.  More details about that are on eastlondonmetropolitanopera.com 


Apart from that  I am using extra time to practise the piano regularly for the first time in 30 years and also to catch up with ever important friends and family on the life saver that is Zoom.  


Best wishes to anyone reading this and I hope you are managing to enjoy the good side of lockdown and deal with the challenges, and most importantly, staying well.